Automotive Specialty Tools

Automotive specialty tools are the high-quality equipment required by the mechanics for a specific repairing or maintenance task. Ranging from simple handheld devices to large service equipment, their importance cannot be undermined. Often you require specialty tools which aren't easy to find at big-box hardware or auto supply stores.

At Abolox Tools, we have the finest selection of world-class products for nearly every make and model. We ensure that you find the right tool according to your budget and needs. Whether you are changing the oil or replacing windshield wipers or working on the engine, exhaust system, or other complex areas, our automotive specialty tools can make your task convenient.

Here is a selection of our high-in-demand automotive specialty tools:

1. Wright Long Scratch Brush

The brush with its stainless steel wire fill is ideal for cleaning aluminum and stainless steel materials. If you want to apply caulk, use this brush to clean the surface first. It can deal with rust, paint, or scale. You can trust it for its fine quality and tenacity.

2. Wright Inspect Mirror 

Inspection mirrors are used to gain better visibility in the areas which are hard to reach. They allow enhanced visibility underneath machinery, industrial equipment, buses, etc., while maintaining an upright position. The inspection mirror comes with a long stick i.e. 8-3/4." The swivel neck mirror allows you to conveniently adjust the position of the mirror according to your needs.

3. Williams Ton Master Gear 

A gear Puller set allows you to pull gears up to 10 inches in diameter. Made up of high treated steel, it allows you to pull bearings, timing gears, steering wheels, and pulleys on most cars and light trucks. Ton Master Gear Set comes in a plastic case that keeps the tools organized and convenient to manage. The master gear set consists of a variety of 2 and 3 jaw pressure screws and slide hammer pullers. The tools in the puller set can lift up the weight of 12 1/2 tons and their maximum reach is 8 3/4-Inch. The gear set is ideal for heavy duty use. 

4. Bacho Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer 

Dropping screws on the job can be quite frustrating. Bacho Magnetizer allows you to quickly and efficiently magnetize your screwdrivers and bits for easier operations. All you have to do is to slide the tip of the screwdriver into the magnetizing slot. When you draw it out, the surface is magnetized. You can easily hold your fasteners on the tip of your screwdriver after magnetizing it. The single swipe operation allows you to conveniently demagnetize your tools as well.

Key Takeaway

Even an amateur mechanic knows that you need to set aside normal household tools while working on an automobile. It is great to have a box full of hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers, but sometimes you need something more specific to get the job done. Each of our automotive specialty tools can get maybe one or two things done, but they do those things better than the other tools.

If you wish to scrap or clean a surface before applying paint or caulking, a stainless steel wire brush can save a day. Inspecting the places underneath the vehicle or deep down the engine can be quite frustrating. The inspection mirror makes it easy to get the job done. You can lift up the heavy tools with the help of Williams Ton Master Gear. 

If you are working underneath a car or buried deep in the engine, dropping a nut or bolt, and trying to find it can be a nightmare. A magnetizer enables you to magnetize your tools and fasteners. You can find a lost fastener in no time. No matter what you need, Abolox Tools carry the specialty automotive tools to get the task done. Choose your tools according to your needs and budget. 




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