Build the Perfect Tool Box

When building your tool set, remember that you want to make sure you have the basic tools that you’ll use readily available. Below I’ve detailed what should be included in your perfect tool box. Keep in mind that this list may vary depending on the purpose and job that you’re doing. 


You'll need different sizes and types so buy an assortment of Phillips, slotted, and square-drive. Be sure to get at least one extra-long shaft screwdriver in slotted and number two Phillips, because sooner or later you will need them to get at things standard shafts won't reach.

Tape Measure

Again, go old school; get a 16- or 25-foot Stanley PowerLock. A 16 will be too short for a framing carpenter or general contractor, but for around the house stuff, it's way handier than handling a big, fat 30- or 35-footer.

Socket Set

A great addition to any tool set is a socket set. We have a wide variety of socket sets in both universal and metric. 

Hex Keys and Torx Security Bits

Traditional hex keys (sometimes called Allen keys) are all loose, which is horrible because you'll end up losing the ones you use most. You can get ones that are connected to each other but those are awkward to use. Best to get a multi-bit driver (think a screwdriver with an open top) with hex key bits. The bits have hex shanks so you can turn them by hand or chuck them into an impact driver or drill. 


Tongue and groove pliers, frequently referred to as Channellocks (for the company that invented them), are good for rough tasks where you need to grasp larger nuts, bolts, and pipes. Slide out one arm, adjusting to the size of whatever you need to grip, and you're ready to go. These are a lot more forgiving than vise grips.

Adjustable Wrench

This is the wrench you'll need in a pinch, especially if you want one tool for grabbing a nut or bolt and don't have any box-end wrenches or sockets around

Impact Driver

People still use cordless drills but cordless impact drivers have replaced them as the go-to fastening tool for nearly every trade on the jobsite. And with hex shank drill bits you can drill with them too. Unlike a drill, the impact driver doesn't have a constantly-torquing electric motor that can break your wrist. Instead, the driver works in microbursts, which makes it ideal for doing anything from hanging cabinets to driving large deck and landscaping screws.

While this isn’t all you should have, it is a start. You’ll want to adjust and add to this list whatever you need for your favorite DIY, your normal household repairs, or your common jobsite. Be sure to check out our large section of quality tools here at Abolox Tools. From torque tools to cutting tools, we have the tools you need for prices you love. If you have any questions, reach out and we will be happy to help.

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