The compliment to Bahco ergonomic design is the steel used to create our blades. Swedish high carbon
steel with just a pinch of chrome allows us to put an edge on our blades that will last longer than any
other tool you can find. After using Bahco, every other brand just feels dull in your hand. It starts with
our secret steel recipe but extends to the finishing of our blades.

Bahco pruner and lopper blades are formed under pressure and finished by robots. The main bevel is
tapered to a point with a shallow hollow on the inner face of the blade. As the blade is held by a robot at
the precise angle needed, the second bevel is polished to a razor sharp edge and a back bevel is honed
on the inside to finish the blade.

The center bolt is really off-center to create the Slicing Cut. Positioning the bolt hole closer to the top
edge creates a slicing action. As the blade is closed it also draws back across the plant material to cut smoother and use less force than any other pruner. Again, other brand secateurs just feel dull compared to using Bahco.

Blades used in the P116 lopper range have an even more sophisticated approach to the Slicing Cut. A
unique grinding profile applied by robotic manufacturing creates an edge that penetrates the wood more efficiently at the beginning of the cut, creating results exclusive to users of Bahco loppers
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