Torque wrenches can be used in a number of applications, including automotive, industrial, and military projects. If you use torque wrenches on a daily basis, then you know how beneficial they can be when it comes to securing fasteners and ensuring everything is joined together as it should. At Abolox® Tools, we want to make sure that you have the right wrenches in your hand for every job, and with our selection of torque options, you can find everything you need in one place.

Use for Tightening Only

A torque wrench is calibrated using precise equipment to ensure that it applies the proper amount of force to a particular fastener, such as a nut or bolt. Since the settings are so precise, you’ll only want to use you wrench to tighten a fastener, never to loosen it. Hand wrenches and other tools can be used to remove nuts and bolts, but if you’ve calibrated your torque tools properly, they’ll be set for tightening the fastener to the appropriate position on the tire, casing, or whatever it is you’re working on that day.

Use Appropriate Replacement Parts

When you’re replacing your old torque wrenches or looking for replacement parts for torque multipliers, it’s important to order only the appropriate products that will fit the application or tools you already own. Trying to use ill-fitting or incorrect parts can result in improper torque, which can lead to incorrect tightening. This can compromise the integrity of your machine or vehicle, and that can greatly impact customer or employee safety.

Regularly Calibrate Your Wrenches

Once you have your new torque tools on hand, you’ll likely start using them right away (after properly calibrating them, of course). After frequent use, it’s important to recalibrate them to ensure proper operation. We offer calibration and test systems that you can keep in your shop for easy use, and with regular recalibration, your wrenches should serve you well for years to come. Depending on the wrench, you may need to recalibrate every few months, or you may be able to wait an entire year. The wrench may also have a cycle recommendation on it, such as 5,000 to 10,000 cycles (or uses) before it needs to be calibrated once again.

Use With Other Tools

As we stated above, you don’t want to use your torque wrench for anything other than tightening fasteners. That being said, you also want to avoid over-tightening your nuts and bolts. You may want to loosen the fastener with a traditional wrench, get it in place, and then tighten slightly with that same wrench. You can then apply the torque wrench, and be sure to listen for the “click” that accompanies the torque that’s being applied.

Properly Store Your Tools 

When you’re done with your tools for the day, you hopefully put them away in the proper case or toolbox. These cases and boxes are designed to protect your tools, and torque wrenches are no different. If you drop or damage a torque tool, you’ll not only have to recalibrate it, you may have to replace it entirely. Any little setting that’s off in your wrench can affect how well it tightens fasteners, if it’s able to tighten them at all. This can lead to costly replacements, which can be very frustrating if you’ve just purchased new wrenches. Reminding your staff to put things away properly can save you both time and money.

At Abolox Tools, we’re here to help you find the best products for your business. Whether you’re looking for torque wrenches, calibration systems, or replacement parts, you can order everything in one place from our online catalog. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us right away.

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