Qualifying the need and cost savings of an in-house calibration system is relatively easy.
1) Perform a simple "Torque Audit" of your facility:
A) Identify how many torque wrenches are used in the facility.

B) What types of torque wrenches are used? Micrometer, dial, digital, torque screwdriver, etc.

C) What are the torque ranges of the tools, low to high?

D) Do you have a Quality Control lab, tool room, or maintenance department that would perform the torque calibration? If so, meet with the leader and staff of that department to decide what you need.

2) Once a system is selected, identify what optional accessories may be needed to adjust and calibrate all the relevant torque tools within the facility, including torque screwdrivers, Force & Tension tools, and Cable Tensiometers.
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