How does a Calibration System Work?

A torque wrench, set at a specific value, is placed in the calibrator with the handle held stationary.

The square drive is placed into a transducer.

By use of a mechanical loader (either motorized or hand crank), rotational force (load) is applied to the torque wrench square drive. This load is very accurately measured by the system’s transducer, which sends data to the digital monitor.

A comparison is then made between the torque setting on the wrench and the calibration system reading.

Necessary adjustments and/or parts replacements are made by trained staff, and the wrench is rechecked for accuracy.

Calibration system accuracy is at least 4 times more accurate than the torque wrench being calibrated. A mechanical loader is important to the calibration process because it uses gear reduction box to provide consistent, repeatable results.

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