How to Use Power Drills Safely and Effectively

Drill machines are a key component for professional use as well as DIY projects. The main purpose of a drill machine is to make holes in the surfaces. The machine is made up of a spindle that is fitted with a drill bit that drives into the surface. The motors are quite powerful and are designed for precise and consistent tasks.

The drill bits are made up of Steel, Tungsten Carbide, or any other tough material. Like any other power tool, the drill machine requires proper maintenance and care.

The following are some of the tips to use power drills safely and effectively.

  1. Clean the Machine Regularly

You must clean your drill machine regularly to ensure its longevity and smooth running. Use a dry cloth to clean its various parts. The loose material scraps and the shrapnel should be cleaned thoroughly. The dust particles can end up in the motor events. You can use an air compressor or an air canister to blow out these dirt particles.

  1. Oil the Various Parts of Machine

Like any other power tool, drill machines require oiling. The various metal parts which move inside and outside the machine, require proper lubrication. Use the standard metal lubricating oil and spread it inside of the chuck where the drill bits would go. You must tighten or loosen the chuck three to four times to ensure that the oil is spread evenly.

  1. Use the Drill Machine with Frequent Breaks

If you have to use the machine for longer periods of time, it is a good idea to vary speed and time of usage to avoid overheating. Especially, while you are drilling into glass, ceramic, or stone, it is a good idea to let the machine cool down through frequent breaks.

  1. Keep your Drill Machine in a Dry Place

You must ensure that your drill is stored in a dry place. If the machine is stored in humid conditions, the water vapors can get into the machine causing the motor parts and chucks of the machine to rust. The moisture can cause the various parts of the battery to rust especially the metal contacts which connect the battery to the drill.

  1. Drill Bits Safety

It is important to ensure that your drill bits are sharp and in a good shape. If they are not sharp enough, they can get stuck into the surfaces. Consequently, the torque can make the drill machine spin or fall down from your hands.

  1. Cord Safety Tips

 It is a good idea not to leave the cord across a pathway. Also, avoid picking up a drill by its cord. Use a cordless drill, if you are using it in a wet or muddy area. When you are using an extension cord, you must check the manual for a minimum wire gauge. Handling the cord safely can ensure safe and smooth operations.

  1. Electric Shock Prevention

When power drills are exposed to moisture, these drills can give electric shocks to their users. To avoid this from happening, you must ensure that the drills do not possess exposed wires or insulation breaks. Avoid holding the drill machine by its cord. You must also ensure that the drills are stored securely and not exposed to heat, water, or pointed surfaces.

Key Takeaway

A drilling machine is probably the best power tool that you have in your house. Proper maintenance and care ensure the smooth and safe operation of the machine. Frequent cleaning, lubrication, and regular maintenance can keep your drill in a good shape. You can avoid accidents from flying shards of metals and broken pieces of materials by adhering to the safety procedures.

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