Must Have Tools for Auto Care

When it comes to working on cars, you’ll need to right tools for the job. When starting your auto-repair tool set, you’ll want to have at least these 16 must-have tools. At Abolox Tools, we also carry full sets to get you started. 

However, if you’d rather buy tools individually follow this guide to make sure that you have everything you need in your tool box for working on your car.


  • Socket Set. 

  • Pliers and Wirecutters. 

  • Torque Wrench. 

  • Wrenches.

  • Screwdrivers. 

  • Mallet. 

  • Safety Gear


Socket Set


Socket Sets should be one of the first items you get for your auto care tool box. Socket sets can range in size and in measurement (standard or metric). Some of our best selling socket sets are the 146 piece ¼”, ?”, and ½”drive socket set and the 19 piece 12-point ¾” drive standard socket set.


Pliers and Wirecutters


Another incredibly common tool required in auto care is pliers and wirecutters. With many electrical components within the car, pliers of various sizes are a great addition to your tool box. For our selection, check it out here.


Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are magnificent tools and are extremely useful for the auto repair industry. Our torque tool selection is bound to have the proper tool for your vehicle or task at hand. Torque wrenches vary in drive size, power, features, and more. A major tip while working with torque wrenches is when using a torque wrench, set the required torque setting and tighten the bolt until you hear a click. Stop tightening once you hear that click.

General Tools

General tools that are great for your auto repair tool kit include wrenches, screwdrivers, a mallet, pry bar, and a multimeter.  A multimeter will ensure that you are safe while working with the electrical components in the vehicle.


Regardless of if you’re required to have safety gear for your job or you’re just doing some DIY auto-care, you should have the proper safety gear to protect yourself from hazards. You should have goggles, gloves, and shock resistant head protection and apparel. 

When it comes to having the proper tools for your auto repair, be sure that you’re focused not only on the proper size and type of tool but that you’re purchasing quality tools that will last. At Abolox Tools, we pride ourselves on making sure that quality tools are affordable and accessible. 

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