Screwdrivers vs Screw Bits for Your Perfect Tool Box

Both screwdrivers and driver bits are used for tightening the screws and fasteners. A screwdriver is a tool with a handle and a shaft, ending in a tip which is inserted in a screw head. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are sturdy and can allow you to tighten or unfasten any type of screws or fasteners. Driver bits or Screwdriver bits are the tools that are combined with an impact driver to tighten various screws. You can choose the correct type or size of a screwdriver bit according to the fasteners you are dealing with. The driver bit is often magnetic and attaches tightly to the screw head. They are considered less sturdy than a screwdriver but they allow you to deal with a variety of screws by spending less money.

The following are some of the pros and cons of screwdrivers as well as driver bits.



Sturdy and Tough 

Screwdriver tips are quite sturdy and tough. They fit better on the screw heads and do not wear off quite easily. This ensures that your fastener head, as well as your tool, is not damaged.

Appropriately Sized Handle

 The handles are of an appropriate size. Small screwdriver tips come with a small handle, the larger tips come with a larger handle.

Multiple Options

Screwdrivers are available in a variety of sizes and types. Some of the heavy-duty screwdrivers come with full tang shanks with a metal strike cap or hex bolsters. You can use them with other tools like a hammer or a wrench.


A few designs of screwdrivers are quite comfortable to use. For example, Cabinet style screwdriver is quite easy to use from an ergonomics perspective. Furthermore, when you are working on a project, it is quite convenient to switch screwdrivers rather than the driver bits on a shaft.


More Space

They take up more space than driver bits. If you want a lesser number of tools to keep track of during your project, having multiple screwdrivers is not a good option.

More Expensive

If you have to deal with multiple types and sizes of screws, you have to buy a large screwdriver set. It can cost you more money rather than having a driver bit set.

Driver Bits

There are various pros and cons of driver bits.


Less Space

If you use an Impact driver with a few driver bits, it takes up less space. Instead of purchasing a set of seven or nine screwdrivers, it is more convenient to manage an impact driver with a seven in one or a nine in one driver bits set. Combined with a shaft, it allows you to take care of various screws during your projects.


You can spend less money on buying driver bits along with an Impact driver instead of getting a screwdriver set. If you use only specific bit sizes or styles frequently, it is more affordable to buy a shaft with a few driver bits rather than purchasing a few screwdrivers.

Can be used with a Power Drill

You can use individual bits or a center shaft with a drill. It means that you can avoid carrying a set of separate bits for that. Furthermore, you can avoid fatigue by using a power drill instead of applying torque manually.


They are more customizable as compared to screwdrivers. Depending on the nature of your task, you can use the long extension with a short handle or full-sized bits with stubby hands.



They are bulkier to reach the recessed screws.

Dislodge on Impact

Driver bits are often not very sturdy. When they are tightened over a shaft, they tend to dislodge when the impact is applied.


These driver bits are not suitable for prying. They can easily get damaged if you try to open a paint can with their help.

Inconvenient to switch Bit drivers on Shaft

It is quite inconvenient to switch the bit heads on the shaft during work. Imagine struggling with the magnet in the bit driver if your hands are full of oil or something slippery.

Key Takeaway

Screwdrivers are considered sturdier and tougher as compared to driver bits. They don't wear off easily and allow a tighter grip on screws which prevents the stripping of screw-heads. On the downside, it is expensive to buy a set of screwdrivers and manage a large number of tools. Driver bits enable you to deal with a variety of screws and fasteners in a tight budget. They can be attached to a shaft as well as a power drill which makes your projects convenient. They are not as strong as a screwdriver and sometimes the driver bits tend to slip as a result of the impact. 

At Abolox Tools, we have a fine collection of both the screwdrivers and driver bits. You can buy tool sets as well as individual tools of specific types and sizes. Choose your equipment according to the nature of your project.




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