Your Go-To Guide to Maintaining Power Tools

Power tools are a major asset for any construction project. They help you handle tasks like drilling, cutting, and nailing with efficiency and speed. Since these are often used items, taking the time to properly care for and maintain these tools will help to give them the maximum life and power possible. The following are useful tips to doing just that.

Cleaning Your Power Tools

As these tools are used frequently, it’s likely that they will get covered with dirt, dust, and grime. If this happens, your tools will stop working, preventing you from being able to use them. To avoid this, it’s important to wipe each tool with a rag to clean them after each use. You should also periodically clean them deeply with a damp cloth. If you’re cleaning tools with exhausts and intakes, you can clean these with cotton swabs or slender tools that are lightly oiled. Similarly to cleaning a keyboard, if you’re trying to remove dirt and dust that are inside the tool, you should use an air compressor/compressed air can to blow air into the areas. Finally, just like your air conditioner, you need to replace the filters on your tools regularly. 

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Storing Your Power Tools

The key factor when storing your power tools is to protect them from collecting dust, sitting in moisture, or other extreme conditions. If possible, you should strive to keep them in their original cases. Otherwise, have a good storage system of drawers or chests in a location where you can control the temperature. Of course, using a tool box will help keep your tools organized and ready to go when you need them. Always unplug your power tools when you’re not using them.

Inspect Your Power Tools

While you’re doing a deep clean of your tools, it’s a perfect time to inspect and test tools for any damage or malfunctions. The most important place to check is your power cords. Look for nicks in the cord insulation, or anywhere where there is exposed wire. If you see these, it’s vital to get the cord immediately, professionally, repaired or replaced. There are several consequences that could potentially happen including shocks and fires. While inspecting the cord, check the prongs. If these are bent or loose, it may be time to replace them. Depending on the type of power tool that you’re inspecting, check any of them moving parts and attachments. If these are dented or loose, you’ll need to repair or replace them.

Lubrication and Batteries.

When it comes to power tools, keeping those moving parts working smoothly is important. Lubricating them is a great way to do this. Make sure to follow the manual when choosing which oil to use. Some power tools are battery operated, meaning that you’ll need to keep the batteries and battery compartment in tip-top shape. To keep batteries at optimal performance levels, use them a minimum of once every two weeks. Fully charge and fully discharge them during this time. For the battery compartment, use cotton swabs with alcohol to clean the contacts. Remember to store batteries away from excessive heat. A great way to keep your batteries is to have a tool box compartment dedicated to the batteries for your power tools.

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