How to Choose the Right Cutting Tool for the Job

Choosing the right cutting tool. What to consider when making a decision

When it is Time to Decide

Non-Powered cutting tools are widely used in a variety of industries. Whether it is carpentry, masonry, or even small DIY projects, having a good cutting tool is mandatory. Choosing the wrong cutting tool can compromise the safety of the workers as well as result in the loss of workdays and unnecessary suffering. If you invest in the right cutting tool, it can improve efficiency and safety. But the question is how to choose the right cutting tool for the job.

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When to Choose Torque Wrenches over Regular Wrenches

torque verses regular wrenches

Torque wrenches are used whenever you need to apply a specific torque to a fastener. With the development of componentry technology, the manufacturers lay specific details about the maintenance of various components of a machine. This involves the instructions on how much torque should be applied to tighten each bolt or a fastener. Consequently, torque wrenches have become an important aspect of every mechanic's tool kit.

But where do you use a torque wrench?

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Torque + Power tool Maintenance + Testing

Torque wrench maintenance and testing

Find out about different types of power tools for torque application and their maintenance techniques

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The Essentials of Torque Wrenches

Finding the right glove for the job

Learn How To Effectively Use and Maintain your Torque Wrenches

A Torque Wrench allows you to tighten fasteners to exact specifications. An accurately used and calibrated torque wrench enables you to protect the damage caused by the over-tightening or under-tightening of screws.

Torque Wrenches were once considered a luxury but with the rapid advances in vehicle frame and componentry technology, the maintenance and assembly of all the components require very precise handling. Torque Wrenches are now a necessity and even the most calibrated mechanics can't think of ignoring them.

Find out about the best practices of storing and using your torque wrenches and torque tools.

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