Everything Else Is Just Dull

The compliment to Bahco ergonomic design is the steel used to create our blades. Swedish high carbon
steel with just a pinch of chrome allows us to put an edge on our blades that will last longer than any
other tool you can find. After using Bahco, every other brand just feels dull in your hand. It starts with
our secret steel recipe but extends to the finishing of our blades...
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The BAHCO Short Story

In 1889 a salesman in Sweden named Bengt August Hjort joined with two inventors of handtools, F. E.
Lindstrom who had invented wire cutters so strong they could cut the hard wire used to make fish
hooks, and J. P. Johansson who had created the first adjustable pipe wrench. Mr. Hjort named the
enterprise after himself: B. A. Hjort Company, which was eventually shortened to BAHCO and is now
commonly written as Bahco...
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Years of scientific research and hundreds of user tests by the pioneers in ergonomic design – professor
Thomas Armstrong of Michigan University who wrote the book on ergonomics, and Olle Bobjer who
founded the most well-known design firm in the field and is renowned not only for hand tool design at
Bahco but for creating the Baby Björn carrier known round the world – resulted in the PX and PXR
designs utilized on our top-of-the-line secateurs.
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Ergonomic Pruners Professional

Comfort Security Health Efficiency

The design of the ergonomic pruner results from five years of scientific research and hundreds of user
tests all over the world. The benefit of the design of the ergonomic pruners has two major advantages
for the end-users: less fatigue at the end of the day and a less painful, longer and more productive
working life.

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