Proper Wrench Handling

Wrenches are designed to hold and tighten nuts, bolts, screws and various other threaded parts. However, the type of task you are about to perform specifies your choice of the wrench.

Like all other tools, wrenches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They could be open-ended, box, combination, adjustable or striking wrenches. Regardless of their type or size, the purpose of the wrench is to tighten the fasteners or other threaded parts precisely and safely.

Like all other tools, a good wrench should provide the best user experience. When it comes to tools, Wright Tools is one of the most reputed brands in the country. Their latest wrench Wright Grip 2.0 is 18% stronger and provides 50% more tooth engagement than Wright Grip, their previous model. With the added steel and new design, Grip 2.0 is 80% stronger than the other wrenches available in the market.

Combining functionality with safety, Wright Grip 2.0 is easily the best wrench available in the market. Wondering how Grip 2.0 can make your new professional or amateur project interesting and rewarding? Follow these tips to get the best bang for your buck.

Tips to Use Wright Grip 2.0 Properly

The following are some of the tips to use the Wrenches appropriately.

1. Select a wrench that grips the nut properly. For the optimal grip, the wrench head should be of the right size as well as have serrations. The Wright Grip 2.0 is available in a whopping total of 20 sizes, 10 metric and 10 SAE. With a variety of sizes, you can use the right size for the bolt you are dealing with.

In addition, the two sides of the wrench head have the teeth or serrations which allow better seating and a tighter grip on the nut. The right size combined with a good design allows you to properly hold the nut and apply torque.

2. Mind your posture. Always pull on a wrench handle and adjust your stance. Sometimes, the wrench handle loosens the grip and can make you fall.

3. If you are dealing with a frozen nut, lubricate the nut before you try to unfasten it. Always choose a heavy-duty wrench that doesn't give in to the pressure. Wright 2.0 has an additional metal at the back end of the wrench opening. It helps stiffen the wrench jaws and decrease its chances of spreading under heavy loads. The modified U shaped feature reduces stress and improves performance. With its unparalleled strength, Wright 2.0 is a must-have in your tool belt.

Maintenance and Care

  1. Avoid using the extensions like a pipe to increase the leverage of your wrench.
  2. Never cock your wrench if it is not properly engaged with the fastener.
  3. Avoid over or under torquing. It can damage your tool as well as nuts and fasteners.
  4. Do not expose your wrench to excessive heat. It can alter the metal structure and hardness of the tool.
  5. Do not grind a wrench with any other tool.
  6. If you find a wrench that is bent or damaged, avoid using it as it can harm you or your machine.

Key Takeaway

Wrench Grip 2.0 is an ideal choice for both the professional mechanic and the aspiring home handyman. Appropriate usage and maintenance of the wrench can ensure its optimal quality and safety in all your projects.

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