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Bahco's professional-grade pruners guarantee every use a clean cut with maximum efficiency. These pruners, or Secateurs, are available in different hand-sizes and blade lengths to work as comfortably and efficiently as possible.  Whether you are large or small, or the material you are cutting is thick or thin, Bahco has the perfect pruner that is just right for you.

Types of Secateurs

PX Type
Fixed handle ergonomic secateurs
The most innovative secateur design in the world. Ergonomic design in a modular system that enables you to build a secateur that fits perfectly into your hand
Fixed Handle Secateur
PXR Type
Rotating handle ergonomic secateurs
Same head and palm handle as the PX, but with a comfortable, elastomer coated rotating handle. PXR feels like part of your hand and cuts with optimal accuracy and ease
Rotating Handle Secateur

Cutting Head Sizes

SMALL BLADE5/8" (15mm)

Ideal for clearing vines from the trellis system, for young grapevines and for leaf pruning. Ergo™ tip: highly recommended for users who are already suffering from aches and pains in their hand or arm.

MEDIUM BLADE3/4" (20mm)

Ideal for most common training methods in vineyards of up to 10 years of age. Ergo™ tip: recommended for users who do not feel any pain yet, but who wish to avoid it.

LARGE BLADE1-1/4" (30mm)

Ideal for most common training methods in in mature vineyards with strong canes. Ergo™ tip: not recommended for users who already suffer from pains in the hand or arm. It is then advisable to use a lopper or a pruning saw when cutting large diameters.

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