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Socket Tools

If there’s one tool that every shop needs, it’s a reliable socket wrench. A wrench, along with a socket set, can come in handy on any number of projects, whether you’re working on machinery or rebuilding an engine. At Abolox®, we have an outstanding selection of socket tools, so no matter what you need, you can find it in our store. We have standard and impact options, extensions, bits, and everything you need to complete your tool box.

If you’re working on or near electrical equipment, a set of insulated sockets is a must. If you’re working on something that has nuts and bolts that are hard to reach, an extension or flexible ratchet is necessary so that you can tighten things properly and work comfortably. Cutting corners or trying to use the wrong tool can lead to broken or loose parts, which can put everyone’s safety at risk. If you don’t have the right socket, you can find it in our store!

Look through our inventory today, and if you have questions about a certain tool, or you want to know when something will be back in stock, feel free to contact us at any time. When it comes to socket tools, we want to provide the very best at affordable prices.