Start and Grow Your Tool Collection

So you’re looking to start your tool inventory? Whether you’re just starting a business or are looking to grow your personal collection of tools for DIY purposes, this post will help you figure out what you need and the best strategy for collecting those must have tools. Before starting your purchases, you should have a clear goal in mind. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Are you working on electrical circuits? Cars? General home tasks? After determining this, do some research on the most common tools needed for your task. Then follow these steps to make sure that your tool collection is right for you.

Tools Sets

One way to quickly grow your tool collection is to buy premade tool sets. Tool sets often come with a variety of tools needed for various purposes. For example, there are master sets, basic sets, piece specific sets, metric sets, customary sets, and industry specific sets. If you’re just starting out, you can start with either the basic or master sets that are pretty general and contain a variety of tools. You can also opt for tools sets with tool boxes in order to keep your tools organized and easily accessible. Unfortunately, the downside is that if you buy multiple sets you risk overlapping tools (having multiple tools that are the same or serve the same purpose). 

Specific Tools

However, if you’ve already started your tool collection and just want to add individual pieces such as individual hand tools Abolox Tools also has a large variety for you to choose from. You can buy tools as you find the need for them. This helps you avoid having tools that you don’t use and that just take up space in your tool box. This route can be more expensive, and you’re risking not having the right tool. Another downside is that you’ll also need to buy tool boxes separately to store them. 

Tool Storage

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, tool storage is an important part of maintaining and maximizing the lifespan of your tools. You’ll want to determine how much space you have to dedicate to tool storage, whether or not you need mobile storage, and how big of a collection you will have. Then you’ll want to head over to our wide selection of tool storage options and take your pick. You should make sure to have adequate storage space for all of your tools, and remember that you might need to expand your storage as you gather more tools.

In conclusion, starting your tool collection doesn’t have to be a hassle as long as you have your goal in mind. With many different options for gaining the tools you need, you can try multiple routes of purchasing to find what works best for you. The main things that you need to remember is to have proper storage for all of your tools, try not to overlap tools and have tools that you don’t use, and to be aware of what you really need for the jobs that you do. 

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