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Learn How To Effectively Use and Maintain your Torque Wrenches

A Torque Wrench allows you to tighten fasteners to exact specifications. An accurately used and calibrated torque wrench enables you to protect the damage caused by the over-tightening or under-tightening of screws.

Torque Wrenches were once considered a luxury but with the rapid advances in vehicle frame and componentry technology, the maintenance and assembly of all the components require very precise handling. Torque Wrenches are now a necessity and even the most calibrated mechanics can't think of ignoring them.

Imagine, a manufacturer has specified that the nuts need to be tightened to 150N/m. The mechanic ignores this important part of instruction and uses a common wrench to tighten the bolts. Consequently, a wheel comes off on the road and the car rolls. Who is liable in this situation? You guessed it, the mechanic! He didn't use the torque wrench to apply the right torque while fixing the car.

Every mechanic needs to keep a good torque wrench for ensuring the safety and quality of the components. At Abolox Tools, you can find some high-quality torque wrenches as well as other torque tools for calibrating and testing. Even if you are looking for an adapter or the replacement of a part of your torque wrench, you are covered.

Find out about the best practices of storing and using your torque wrenches and torque tools.

The Best Practices about Using and Maintaining Torque Wrenches

The following are the guidelines to properly use and store your torque wrench.

A. How to Store Your Torque Wrench?

After you finish using a torque wrench, it is not necessary to wind it back to its maximum, before putting it back for the next imminent session. If you plan to store your torque for an extended period, it is best to wind it down to the minimum scale settings and never to zero.

If you store a torque fully loaded for a long period of time, the continuous tension in the spring can cause it to weaken. On the other hand, if you store a torque wrench after completely off-loading the spring, the components within the wrench can move fractionally relative to each other. Ideally, the torque should be left in storage with a little bit of compression in the spring.

B. How to Properly Use Your Torque Wrench?

using CDI Torque wrench on motor

Proper usage and tool care are very important for excellent results. Always apply the torque according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Mostly the mechanics apply torque without precisely measuring it. Consequently, either the nuts and bolts are tightened too much or too little. If a bolt is torqued more than the specified limit it can break the machine or cause the part to come off. Similarly, applying torque too quickly or continuing to apply force after the "click" can damage your torque wrench. It is also important to hold the torque wrench properly only through the designated handle.

C. Undoing Bolts while Using a Torque Wrench

The mechanics should exercise extreme caution while undoing bolts using a torque wrench. However, if a bolt does not come off after applying maximum torque, use another tool to completely loosen it. Exceeding the torque limit can damage the tool.

D. Understanding and Converting Torque Units

Understanding and converting torque units is very important as it enables you to determine how much torque you need to apply over a particular bolt. Norbar's calculator app helps to convert torque units and enables you to understand how much torque you need to apply for tightening a screw or a bolt.

Other Torque Tools

The health of a torque wrench can be maintained with the help of several torque tools. At Abolox Tools, we have a whole range of torque tools to keep your tool kit up to date. Our calibration and testing equipment allow you to measure the health of your torque wrench before you start working on a project. Similarly, torque tools or adapters allow you to change the specification of your torque tool. If one of your wrenches is a bit worn out, you can fix it by replacing its part.

Key Takeaway

Torque wrenches are an undeniable part of every mechanic's arsenal as they ensure precision while fixing the bolts. Today's manufacturers pay a lot of attention to all the componentry details. Hence torque tools are more important than ever. In short, proper torque means safer and hassle-free ride and cost-effective living.

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