torque verses regular wrenches

Torque wrenches are used whenever you need to apply a specific torque to a fastener. With the development of componentry technology, the manufacturers lay specific details about the maintenance of various components of a machine. This involves the instructions on how much torque should be applied to tighten each bolt or a fastener. Consequently, torque wrenches have become an important aspect of every mechanic's tool kit.

Torque wrench, on the other hand, is used, when the manufacturer has specified a particular torque to be applied on a particular nut.

Have you ever stepped on your car's brake pedal and felt it pulse underfoot? Probably it is because of an improperly torqued lug nut. If the lug nuts are not tightened with the right torque, they put uneven pressure on the brake rotor. Consequently, the brake rotor expands and causes a pedal pulse. Such mechanical problems can easily be avoided by using a torque wrench instead of a regular wrench.

If you ride motorcycles or bikes, then you probably know how important it is to tighten the fasteners with a torque wrench. Paired with an extension, you can tighten the fasteners in un-accessible parts of your motorcycle.

Bikes need to be fixed with torque wrenches too. Most of the racing bikes are made up of carbon fiber. The fasteners in these bikes have to be tightened with a specific torque. Hence, a torque wrench is an important part of every mechanic's toolkit.

The following are the industries where torque wrenches are required most of the time.

1. Automotive Industry

The bolts in the vehicle engine or suspension require the application of a particular torque. More specifically, you need to use a torque wrench when you are tightening the bolts while replacing the cylinder head or when you are putting on shocks or struts.

It is also to be noted that you should never use a torque wrench on the universal join of a vehicle. With an increase in the drive angle, the torque of the universal join also increases.

2. Engineering Projects

Various engineering projects require the use of torque wrench. If you are constructing structures that require a precise pressure of a bolt, you need a torque wrench. An example of it is a steam engine where you need to tighten bolts with a specific torque to ensure the efficacy and safety of the machine.

3. Buildings

When the builders create a frame for a building, they need to tighten the bolts with a specific torque. The safety of the structure relies heavily on the accuracy of the torque applied, to tighten the fasteners. That is why the builders always choose torque wrench over regular wrenches to ensure that the building meets the standards of safety and quality.

4. Heavy Duty Application

If there is a looseness of the fasteners holding heavy-duty applications like boring equipment, locomotives or overhead cranes, it can cause serious damage to life and machinery.

This means that torque wrenches are important to fasten the bolts in such heavy-duty applications.

Key Takeaway

Using a torque wrench ensures quality and safety while building and maintaining specialized structures and equipment. From tightening the fasteners in racing bikes to maintaining complicated machines, torque wrenches can’t be ignored.

Regular wrenches can be used to tighten bolts in less specialized industries. They can also be used to loosen the bolts. If you prefer tightening the fasteners with specific torque, torque wrench is your best choice.

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