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Williams WSC-680TB Maxxum Set Complete - 680 Pieces
Williams WSC-680TB Maxxum Set Complete - 680 Pieces

Williams WSC-680TB Maxxum Set Complete - 680 Pieces

Part Number: JHWWSC-680TB
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Williams WSC-680TB
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The Maxxum Set contains a full complement of tools, in both fractional and metric sizes. It includes an assortment of sockets, ratchets, and accessories in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drive, for both hand and impact use. Hand wrenches in a number of styles helps you tackle increasingly complex maintenance tasks.

  • Over 100 screwdrivers, pliers, hammer s, punches and chisels, are included, and specialty items such as saws, scrapers, and other tools for industrial maintenance mechanics and tradesmen round out the Maxxum Set from the J.H. Williams Tool Group.
  • Maxxum is also available with tool storage cabinets necessary to organize your tools (See WSC-680TB).  A top-chest / roll-cabinet combination is included, as well as a rolling three-drawer tool cart. A total of 26 drawers and over 35,000 cubic inches of storage capacity will help you store your tools effectively. The mobile tool cart helps bring your tools to the job, where you need them.
  • Get your work done faster, easier, and safer with the Maxxum Tool Set from the J.H. Williams Tool Group. All other tool sets are simply ordinary.
  • Contains all the same tools as the Maxxum Set WSC-680TB, but without any of the industrial tool cabinets.


Contains the following tools:  
Product Category Number of Pieces
Chisel and Punches 27
Clamps 2
Electrical Crimping Pliers 3
Files 11
Hammers 15
Hand Sockets 192
Hex Keys 51
Impact Sockets 87
Impact Drive Tools 12
Knives 2
Miscellaneous Tools 23
Pliers 45
Prybars 6
Ratchets, Drive Tools, and Accessories 46
Saws and Saw Blades 13
Scrapers 2
Screwdrivers 29
Snips 3
Tool Boxes 3
Torque Wrenches 2
Wrenches 106
Note: Complete set contents are listed in the Appendix on Page 774 of Catalog 4 Click HERE for full Snap-On Catalog (CAT4)

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Set Configurations Available  
Product Code Description
WSC-680TB Complete Maxxum Tool Set with Tool Boxes (680 Pieces Total)
WSC-680 Maxxum Tool Set Only (677 Pieces)
WSC-680SAE Maxxum Tool Set with Fractional Wrenches and Sockets Only
  Tools Only - 538 Pieces (Not Pictured)
WSC-680MM Maxxum Tool Set with Metric Wrenches and Sockets Only
  Tools Only - 410 Pieces (Not Pictured)
Tool Boxes Included  
W55TC10 55" Wide x 20" Deep 10-Drawer Top Chest
W55RC11 55" Wide x 20" Deep 11-Drawer Roll Cabinet
50721 3-Drawer Service Cart with Lid


Country of Origin: Mixed 

Download Snap-on Catalog PDF File (Page 25)

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