Your Ultimate Tool Box Checklist

A well-equipped toolbox is essential for keeping your house in good shape. Even if your mechanical skills are limited to only tightening a few screws, you need a tool box to do all the tasks. From hanging the pictures to fixing a broken bed to the more complex projects, you need a toolbox for getting it all done.

Must have Tools for Your Toolbox

If you are a bit intimidated about where you should start in the vast world of hand tools, we have got you covered. Here is our list of essential tools that everyone must have for their DIY projects.

1. Bacho Adjustable Wrench

Bahco 8069RCUS 4-inch Adjustable Wrench Chrome

It is a great thing to have a wrench set but if you are tight on space, why not choose an adjustable wrench. Bacho Adjustable Wrench Chrome has a slim head with tapered jaws which provide a sound grip on any fastener that you are dealing with. Whether you are doing plumbing, carpentry or any other DIY project, Bacho Adjustable Wrench is a must-have tool.

2. Williams HSF-150A Hammer Body with hammer tips

Williams HSF-150A Hammer Body, 12 Oz, 1-1/2-inch

All the hammers are not created equal. There are a variety of hammers for a variety of projects. You might have an old school hammer at home but that is just not enough for the finesse you want in your next project. Williams HSF-15A hammer is highly durable and comfortable to use. It has soft handles for a better grip.

You can choose from a range of hammer tips from soft to hard. The hard tips are great for nails but if you want to fix wooden slats without denting them, you need a soft hammer tip.This hammer is a must-have for all your carpentry projects.

3. Williams 23535 Super-Duty Wire Stripper w/ Bolt Cutters

Williams 23535 Super-Duty Wire Stripper w/ Bolt Cutters 20-30

You don't need a bolt cutter for doing small scale DIY projects. But if you want to build anything that requires power, you will realize how desperately you need a bolt cutter.

William's Wire Stripper and Bolt Cutter is ideal for cutting screws, wire mesh, padlocks, and bolts. It has double-dipped handles with air cushion pockets for a comfortable grip. Light-weight handles provide better control and durability.

These bolt cutters can safely cut 6-32 and 8-32 screws. You can use it as a pair of pliers as well. It has serrated gripping jaws in the nose which can tightly hold any object.

Like many other tools, you might think it is unnecessary until you can't get the job done without it. Skip the frustration and be ready instead.

4. Bacho Ergo-Chisel

Bahco 434-10 Ergo Chisel 3/8 inch (10MM)

The versatility of chisels for all the DIY projects cannot be underestimated. When it comes to ease of use, Bacho's ergo chisel stands out from the crowd. It has two component ergonomic handles which provide a comfortable grip. Fitted with split proof handles, it doesn't bend or break as a result of repeated hammer blows.

Its ground blade is sharp and precise which means that you can get the job done with a little or no effort. The tool is hardened and tempered for long-lasting performance.

Its polished blade provides resistance against rust and makes it durable. This chisel is a must-have tool for all the carpentry.

5. Wright Starter's Tool Set

Wright Tool 166 96 Pc Starter Set

If you are an aspiring mechanic or take your amateur projects a little more seriously, the best bang for your buck is Wright Starter's Tool Set. The toolset provides you all the important tools that a beginner handyman needs for her DIY projects. From pliers to saws to combination wrenches, the tool kit has it all. The 96-piece tool set consists of patented tools with a lifetime warranty. If you are a professional who works with hand tools regularly, this tool kit is just for you.

Key Takeaway

It is important to keep your toolbox organized, clean and easy to use. Get some of the basic and best tools to deal with all the house repairs that you may have to perform. The way you set up your toolbox will depend on what you need most often. Keep your essential tools in good shape, replace them when needed and make your DIY project fun.

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